Minimize your goals to maximize your success!

By Jan Carpenter - Clinical Liason

Alas, it is the beginning of January, a new year, a clean slate, and maybe you have not thought of a single New Year’s resolution that could completely revamp your life (how many of us ever stick to those anyway)?

What if your approach this year could be something that makes moving toward what matters more likely to move you toward success?

Breaking goals down into micro goals helps you move ahead decision by decision and moment by moment. Let’s be honest; some days, that is as much as we can manage. 

Micro goals can be the building blocks of success— breaking down larger ambitions into achievable steps. Helping you accomplish what really matters to you, like personal growth, health, or career aspirations.

It is easy to set lofty goals with every intention of accomplishing them, starting well, full of enthusiasm and determination, only to have life get in the way. It is often full and busy and does not go as planned. 

We can quickly get into an all-or-nothing rut and forge ahead, leaving our goals and good intentions in the rear-view mirror. A great place to start with micro goals involves our mindset and how we approach change.Thinking smaller instead of bigger helps us become a healthier, more successful version of ourselves.  

By learning to capture the thoughts that derail our success- which often keep us locked in fear, anxiety, and overwhelm- we can stay in the moment, focus on the present, and take a small step toward our bigger goals. Not letting our minds run the hamster wheel of the future and unknown helps us stay present and focused on where we are right now- moving us toward those bigger goals.

Leaning into fear, challenges, changes, and setbacks means not shutting down and getting mired in shame, self-doubt, anxiety, and regret. Looking for opportunities to move forward while shutting out the negative brain chatter takes us in a positive direction.

For example, you want to get in better shape physically, but put it off because you know you are not likely to engage in a robust gym routine; taking a brisk ten minute walk can help start the journey toward health, and also get you out to enjoy nature, which opens the door for a healthier you. 

If a goal for you is healthier eating, take this one step at a time. A huge overhaul in your diet can cause failure with eating goals, take this one baby step at a time, maybe bring your sugar intake down, then add in more fruits and veggies, or cut out processed foods. This will help you be much more successful with your eating goals. 

Maybe it is time to change some things to be healthier mentally, physically, or spiritually. It may mean stopping to take a deep breath when you feel anxious, making time for self-care, getting outside more, or making time for play. Do you want to start caring for your mental health, make healthier food choices, care for your physical health, or have fewer obligations on your time? Now is a great time to set micro goals for these. Take some time to meditate or aside regular time to meditate or write out your thoughts, pick one or two things where you can make a baby step and go for it!

Rather than planning to start sometime, what if you set a micro goal and start now, making some changes, even simple small ones, moving ahead one step at a time? A year from now, a whole lot of successful micro goals could look like some of those life changes you have been wanting to make. Hmm, that sounds a whole lot like tackling a big goal to me!

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