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Man with Horse

She Truly Changed My Life

Dr. Tasha has me horseback riding again. I'm of retirement age, but am still very active. I was in the corral repairing the fence when my mind wrote a check my body couldn't cash. Terrible pain took me to an orthopedic surgeon for an MRI and consultation. My rotator cuff was torn so badly that the surgeon felt any attempt to repair it would fail. A second opinion confirmed his Dx.

I contacted Dr. Tasha, fearing that I would never be able to saddle my horse again. After a long discussion, she provided me with a comprehensive treatment plan. After completing the treatment, I am now saddling and riding again. At the beginning of treatment, I couldn't even put on my own shirt, wash my own hair, eat... I had to use the opposite arm to pick up my injured arm when I wanted to move it. I was almost immobile on that side. I was also experiencing debilitating pain that the doctor told me may never go away.

After her treatment, I can use my arm as normal with minimal discomfort. I am so very grateful for her skill and kindness. She truly changed my life and gave me back the use of my arm without a shoulder replacement and a year or more in rehab.

I had a follow-up visit with my surgeon. After hearing my story and manipulating my shoulder, he said he was amazed at my range of motion along with my minimal discomfort- he did not think this was possible for me.

A World Of Difference

My experience with Allendale Acupuncture has been life changing.

From the moment she met me I could tell Dr. Saladin really cared. She took the time to really get to know me and understand what was going on with my body.

Her office is peaceful, she has friendly staff and scheduling is convenient for me.

Dr. Saladin made a world of difference in balancing my hormones, mood and sleep which has been a life long struggle for me. Can't recommend this office enough.

Best Decision Hands Down!

I had been struggling with migraines everyday for months and I also have Hashimotos Disease (thyroid).

I had heard how acupuncture helped with headaches and lots of other things so I set up a consultation and decided to do the treatment that day.

Best decision hands down! My mood is better, headaches are gone, my sleep is better. I just feel all around better

My Sciatica Was Completely Gone!

I suffered with sciatica for 6 months. I went to my physician and physical therapy during those 6 months and nothing improved it.

Dr. Saladin noticed me limping and offered to help after I told her my story, within 4 weeks of treatment, my sciatica was completely gone and has not returned for over 2 years! I just wish I found her sooner and did not suffer for 6 months.

Finally Pregnant After 6 Years!

My husband and I struggled with unexplained infertility for 6 years. We did multiple rounds of IVF with no success.

I started seeing Tasha weekly and completely saw a change in my body!

5 months into treatments and we found out that we are expecting!

Tasha is very sweet and great at what she does!

Arm and flower

I became a believer

Use of acupuncture to avoid potential mobility issues caused by cancer treatments.

During the midst of cancer treatments someone recommended acupuncture. I was not very familiar with the proven benefits of acupuncture and was a bit skeptical about trying it.

Dr. Tasha treated me immediately after surgery for tumor and lymph node removal with acupuncture and cupping and treated me several more times in the days following.

During the meeting with the radiologist, he commented on how my mobility range was in the top 98% of patients he sees and that often the mobility will be so limited that surgery is required. Dr. Tasha saved the mobility of my dominant arm. She also helped treat me for side effects of radiation including fatigue and radiation burns.

I became a believer after that and have sought treatment for high blood pressure, back pain, and sleep issues. Acupuncture healed naturally what could have required invasive procedures.

Highly Recommend

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Saladin for around 5 years now. She has helped so me so much with pain management before during and after my shoulder and bicep repair surgery.

I wouldn't have made it through without her. She has so much knowledge in Chinese herbal medicine and has helped me stay with as much natural healing as possible.

Highly Recommend

A Huge Relief

I’m grateful for Tasha. She has helped with reducing pain in my hip and knee. This was a huge relief as it has helped me sleep at night. She has also helped relieve my motion sickness.

I can enjoy boating with family and friends without having to use motion sickness prescriptions that have harmful side affects.

So Thankful!

I brought my 12 year old to see if it could help with her anxiety. Within a week of treatments I could tell a difference! I tell everyone dealing with anxiety to go see Dr. Tasha! It has been a life changing treatment for my girl.

So thankful we tried it.

A Game Changer

I left the military with persistent sciatica and shoulder pain that had resisted multiple attempts at resolution.

None of the treatments I tried seemed to work. However, my life took a positive turn when I discovered Allendale Acupuncture, under the care of Dr. Tasha Saladin. Through acupuncture, my pain has seen a remarkable improvement.

This clinic has been a game-changer for me, and I can now live with comfort and relief. Dr. Saladin's expertise and the acupuncture treatments have truly transformed my quality of life.

I highly recommend Allendale Acupuncture for anyone seeking relief from chronic pain.

Changed My Life

When I started treatments here I was in debilitating pain and I couldn't live my life the way I wanted to.

I had been struggling with neuropathy in my feet that was causing pain when I walked and felt like my feet were stuck in a freezing cold snow bank. I was worried about my neuropathy because it was getting worse.

I was also experiencing a shoulder injury- the pain was debilitating and I could not even lift my arm to put on my coat. Visits with Dr. Tasha have changed my life!

Today I have no pain, my neuropathy has improved, and I can use my arm shoulder again- including mowing and raking my yard!

Kind and Caring

Dr. Tasha and her staff are the best!

They are genuinely kind and caring, and I'm so happy I did acupuncture for my health and well-being. After going the traditional route and seeing different doctors over the last 11 years, and getting nowhere... I decided to give acupuncture a try after hearing from two friends how it changed their lives.

I'm very excited to say it helped my body with what traditional medicine/prescriptions could not. I highly recommend giving acupuncture a try, especially for womens health issues.

I only wish I had gone sooner!